Feeling that Movie Magic

8/26/2012 05:18:00 PM

There's something about a day that's slightly overcast at around sunset that gives off the vintage classic movie feel, don't you think? Coming from a lunch and movie date watching the testosterone-filled epic-ly awesome movie that is The Expendables 2 with Kenny, I figured I can try to create a balance by being, well, girly for the day! :D

As requested, Kenny wanted me to wear this "kyootie patootie" (super cute) dress. He says he misses seeing me in dresses since I wear girly shorts or pants for the past few weeks. So, to compromise, I picked several items of clothing to keep it girly, and still keep it me :) 

Kids, you shouldn't do this. Do you know how many cars I had to watch out for before having these taken? I had to make sure that there weren't ANY vehicles coming. Timing is key! Because safety is of utter importance.

Not to mention it was drizzling-raining on-and-off that late afternoon too. The light was all "Now you see me, now you don't. Heeheehee!". It's so temperamental! Grrr! D: #photographyproblems

I don't know why, but every time Kenny's taking my photos, I always have at least one photo taken that I didn't know of. Till I'm about to upload it. SNEA-KY! D:

Candy grey sleeveless cover up

Mint Men Fedora, Goody Color Collection elastics

Just in case it gets too hot (as it does in the Philippines even if it's raining), I have my Goody elastics on my wrists ready for an emergency ponytail :)

Petite Monde dress for SM Dept. Store (old)

And yes, thankfully I had an umbrella ready. Can't get sick now!

SM Accessories studded sling bag (old)

Forever 21 socks, Keds sneakers

Nothing like a few pops of color taken from my dress to keep things interesting. 

Hype this look on Lookbook here

I apologize for the messy hair. Kenny kept tipping my hat off with the umbrella, and the wind keeps messing my hair. They're like a tandem like that. Poooo

Anyways, after taking those shots for mah blog, it's time to cam-whore! \:D/ 

Puffer fish

As for these, since Kenny's in the photos with me, we relied on someone who usually takes my photos when I can't find anyone else to take them for me: My trusty ol' Tripod and his partner, the Self-timer! \:D/ 

Then it started to rain... So we thought we can milk it, and milk it we did :P There's something about the rain that makes things romantic.. Again, Kids, don't try this at all! I had to play patintero (a kids game here in the Philippines that's played on the streets where you have to clear all hindrances to get to the other side without getting caught) and patiently time my way to cross the street so accidents won't happen.

“The best part of any first kiss is the lead up to it.  The moment right before the lips touch — it’s like a big drum roll."

-- Victoria (to Ted), Season 1, How I Met Your Mother

Can you say, Magic? :") 


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  1. cute outfit and nice blog

  2. Cute shots and I am in love with your red keds!! Please more outfits with these!! Amazing ;-)

    1. Thanks Jamie! :") Wish I had more than just these Red Keds though, they're really so comfortable! Haha! Obviously I'm a Keds fan :P

      If you wanna see some of my other posts with me wearing these overused Keds, you can search it on the upper left corner of my site and search for "Keds" :) I'm sure some posts will pop up with me in them ;)

  3. Such sweet photos of you guys :) I think you looks so pretty :) I love your dress and red sneakers :) Very cute hat too. <3 We follow each other on Chictopia but I saw your blog on ifb. I'd love for us to follow each other so let me know <3


    1. Thanks Jasmin! :") Sure, I'd love to :D just tell me how since your nav bar's not present :))

  4. I love your style. This outfit is so cute! :)

    -Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com

    1. thanks so much Mary! :D you can check my Chictopia or Lookbook too for more of it :)


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