Cloud Nine in Candyland

8/13/2012 06:17:00 PM

HOOOOOOOLYYYYYYY ----COW. Is this real life? Or is it fantasy? O____O

To be featured in the Philippine's best teen's magazine's website is seriously mind-blowingly awe-some!! Seriously, who'dda thunk it? @_____@ I'm sorry if I end up babbling about it but, as ironic as it sounds, I'm trying my best to form a decent concrete sentence around the thought of it. It's just-- I guess-- I mean I-- Kyaaaaaa~!!!! 

To think I just received an email from my tumblr account from a new follower saying she saw me in Candymagdotcom. When I saw her message telling me this piece of info this morning, in my head I was all "Huh? Candy? I didn't submit anything on Candy recently (as in, this month of August)..." Then when I checked their website *BAM!* *cue greeting of this blog post*

My heart swells with bliss~!!!! THANK YOU CANDYMAG!!!!! Soooo many blissful thoughts swirling in my head right now as I type this!  

You can check out the whole page here if you want :) 

(photos in the site courtesy of Kenny, Jill, Ida, Shirlene and Val; Copyright ♥ )

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  1. wow! nice one dear! Congrats! Ü

    visit my blog?

  2. Congratulations dear! I saw your looks on the sidebar and I'm now hyping like crazy. Gonna fan you too. :)

    1. Thanks Adly! :") <3 I'll check out your profile too :D


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