C'est la vie

8/18/2012 04:23:00 AM

Oh, Bonjour, bonjour! Il est très agréable d'être ici! (Dunno if that was right or not, but oh well) Haha! Feeling like a little French Girl in school today! :D

Just a quick post for this one. Since I was done shooting my finals portfolio for Concept Photography class yesterday, I was more concentrated with my friends' shoots today. 

Hype this look on Lookbook here

No, I didn't have a sudden urge to dye my hair blonde. It was just for a shoot for Shirlene. She wanted me to model one of her hats for her finals portfolio, then right after, Val wanted to take a picture of me for her finals magazine.

Yhansy tassle necklace

SM Accessories blonde wig

Little Turp floral cut off top

Little Turp has such wonderful fashionable clothes that I love so much because of its comfort and versatility. Plus they're so affordable, even students who're on a budget can go shop their hearts out!

It's been a while since I got this top from a giveaway I entered. I decided to wear it today with my long sleeved sweater to school since I had a feeling it'd be cold. Good thing too, 'cause just as I thought, the theatre was open the whole day and the aircon was on full blast, making the whole section of the 5th floor really really cold. It felt like fall in the Philippines, like for real!

A little sunlight can keep a girl warm too. C'est La Vie~

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  1. ang cute naman :)
    buti kaya mo pumasok sa school ng ganayan =))) sana ako rin. too bad may uniform kami. haha

    Rae Abigael
    Raeellarina- The Ballerina on Fire

    1. Thanks so much! :") I go to an art school kase, so they're very linient with the dress code. As long as it's not vulgar or disrespectful or (hopefully) masagwa tingnan, the school's okay with it :)))

      When you're older, you can find a job where they're gonna be okay with you wearing things like this to work ;) I'm sure there's something out there like that :) <3


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