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7/29/2012 03:48:00 AM

Though this Coldplay song has no connection whatsoever with this post, I just thought the title sounded a little mathematical like how I hope I achieved with this look here. Haha!

SM Department Store sweater and shorts  |  SM Accessories belt

For this look, I wanted to make a point: That Geeks can be Cute and Sexy too!

  Fayeness Shop glasses  |  Forever 21 socks  |  Asianvogue wedges

I made it simple here by sticking to such a minimal color palette. X = Cream (or White), and Y = Pink. You can assume that I based them off of my shoes, right? Haha! That's cause these shoes are filed under "Deym those adorable pair that I just gotta have!" Walking around in wedges are more fun than walking around in stilettos. That's cause my feet feel more support, and my weight can be easily distributed for more balance. In short: they hurt less, haha!

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Remember JHJ? I mentioned him in my last post. He's my chubby buddy hedgehog. Funny story actually, how he got his name.

Ever since I was born, my parents made a promise that when I turn a year older every year, they'd gift me with a teddy bear. But at a certain age when all I've been getting were teddies, so we changed the arrangement to any stuffed toy I wanted instead. The deal was supposed to last till I turned 18. But I convinced my dad to extend it till I reach 21 (so then I'd be really legal, heehee). Lo and behold, for my 19th birthday, I received a hedgehog!

I knew right off the bat that I wanted this little cutie. How could I not? He's so chubby and huggable~ <3 As to his name, well, I blame my mom and my brother for that. I was trying to name him when my mom suggested "Justin" cause he's "supposed to be a beaver" (cause it's close to Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber = Justin Beaver? See the connection? Harhar!). Then my brother said I should name him "Harry" the hedgehog (after Prince Harry). Mom was confused why we should call him "Harry" not knowing that he wasn't a beaver to begin with! Oh the corniness that followed suit...

So we settled with such a long name: Justin Harry Jr. (since not putting a Jr. would make such a difference). Or JHJ (pronounces as "Judge" or "Jahj"). I say it's pretty unique in a funny way, don't you think?

Back to business...

Goody hairpins and ouchless color collection accessories 

I'm going out on a whim here. There are times that when I study or do schoolwork, I like to keep my hair up and away from grazing my shoulders and back. With my hair length being longer now, it tickles at times when they graze my back, distracting me from my work. So what better way to keep them far from there? Tying them up with Goody's ouchless color collection of course! Together with some Goody hairpins, your hair will be perfectly in place while you finish your school work. Hooray!

Helga & Luna detachable collar  |  Red Apple necklace

Detachable collars are something new to me. They're pretty tricky to pair clothes with since I'm not really familiar with them that much yet. Though they have been here for a while now, I do hope I didn't fail this time! I just paired it with a sweater sporting the same color palette just to keep things simple. As you can see, the floral patterns adorning this collar is adorable in itself already, so I only picked a simple gold necklace to add some "sophistication" to the look altogether. White (or Cream) + Gold = Classy

Books.. Books everywhere!


I'm still having my Amazing Spider-man high till now. I've always been a fan. And with the recent movie being such a huge success, I don't think I've ever been this happy watching Spider-man, haha! Coincidentally, the comic book compilation my best friends gave me as an 18th birthday present was just the right volume that showed how Gwen Stacy's dad died. Ohohoho! 

So do you guys think Geeks can be Cute and Sexy now? I sure hope you do! :D

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