Write A Song Nobody Had Sung

7/26/2012 02:44:00 AM

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Thanks to my boyfriend for taking my photos again! You'll get used to it, soon I'm sure <3

Baleno top  |  Candy vest

A good fashion investment is something that you bought a long time ago and it never goes out of style. Case in point: basic tops. Remember when I talked about that here? Well, I was serious about what I said. This is the green version of what I wore before.

As for the vest, my mom and I bought this 2-3 years ago from Candy. Vests at that time were one of the sought-after cover-ups that people were wearing them a whole lot! So when mom and I saw these, we bought it right away, haha! Fortunately we're just a size apart, so we can share most of our stuff with each other. Lucky! :D

Never Been Kissed skirt  |  Glam-Rock Manila satchel

This skirt look familiar? That's cause I wore them here. Yup, I still haven't returned them to their rightful owner yet. Haha! I'll return them when they're asked back :P

Forever 21 socks  |  Asianvogue flats

Forever 21 is one of the places I go shopping for socks. I don't know if it sounds weird or anything, but I love colored socks (if you guys haven't noticed yet). I wouldn't categorize it under "foot fetish" though, haha! I just love how colorful and cute they can be! Even when I was a kid, I used to wear those cute socks with ruffles and stuff even to school! I loved the thick, soft pairs with an eyelet design on them, forming butterfly shapes and flower patterns. I wish I could find some of those now, though. Socks can make a statement too, like any accessory!

Yhansy rings

Red Apple necklace (top)  |  SM Accessories necklace (bottom)

I filed these Angel Wings necklace (along with the other two necklaces I wore hereunder the "OMG I MUST HAVE YOU" category in my head when I saw it online, along with this multi-colored necklace from SM Accessories (which I also wore here). Red Apple and SM Accessories have a lot more of these kinds of accessories, and at very affordable prices too! You don't need to sacrifice money for style when it comes to these two. So what're you waiting for? Shop away! :)

Anyone up for colored belts? Like your socks, your belts can also make a statement. Depending on its color, size, length, thickness, buckle design, and many more, you can make a simple accessory like this turn your outfit into something better! 

To be honest, I didn't even realize that my boyfriend was continuously taking pictures of me, candid and not. Not till I sat down in front of him and heard the shutter go off a lot. Sneaky! D:

I just love the color contrasts in what I'm wearing today. Pairing dark shades with lighter ones never fail, as long as you pair them off with their respective complimentary colors. Although with Red and Green being connected to Christmas, I thought of downplaying it with other colors like Navy Blue and Bright Orange. To give an accent, I added some Pink and accessorized with Gold. With the Gray and White softening the look with their neutral colors, I believe the colors give focus to one another without going overboard. What do you think? :)

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