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This is how I spend my College Break (or C-Break as to what we call it): by kindly asking my college bff, Val of, to take a photo of me while my hair still had its curly poof. Haha! After leaving it in four buns for about three hours, I finally let my hair free from its constricting twirls to reveal…well, more twirls! Lol. And since my hair is naturally thick, the curly-ness of my hair was more abundant than ever! Lioness roar~ ♥

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Thank God I wore my new flats to school today. They were really comfortable while I ran errands around the area of Vito Cruz, Manila earlier during my break. I couldn’t imagine running around the area in heels. The horror! My feet will die for sure. Harhar! Not to mention, they are uber cute~ Kinda like a mix of 50’s-meets-oxfords-preppy-meets-fashionable-bowling-shoes. Don’t you think? :) Thanks so much Asianvogue for these cuties! ♥

Forever 21 American Flag cropped top | Mango Basics white sleeveless top (worn underneath)
So I wore the American Flag cropped top that I got as a gift from my parents over the summer. They rewarded my efforts for being able to maintain my being part of the Dean’s List again. Yes, school always comes first. Anyhoo, since our school doesn’t permit students to wear belly-bearing clothes, I wore a clean white basic sleeveless top underneath the cropped top. Unless I raise my arms up high for my stomach to peep through, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. Also, the cropped top is pretty see-through in a way cuz of the eyelet-esque design it has, so you definitely need to wear something underneath it unless you wanna let everyone know what underwear you’re wearing for that day.

Never Been Kissed skirt
This skirt is one of the skirts I love wearing a lot. And to be honest, it’s not even mine! Haha! I borrowed it a loooong time ago from Val (who was also the one who took my pictures today, thank you very much, Love!). I adore how the navy blue color of it makes it really easy to pair up with any kind of top. Just like dark-wash jeans, only in skirt form :)

H&M Diamond stud earring | Feather-Leaf ring from Taft Ave.
I had a feeling that my top is already eye-catching enough. Especially since few people were wearing a flag-designed piece of clothing today. So I decided to keep the accessories to a minimum. Simple shiny earrings and a nice feather-or-leaf ring just so my outfit doesn’t look bare does the trick nicely. What do you think? :)

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