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7/12/2012 04:09:00 PM

I felt like being such a girl today. And since I still had school (my last day for the week), I opted to expressing my girly-ness there. How? With heels, skirts, jewelry, and flowers. Can you say "girly overload"? Haha!

Hype this look on Lookbook here

If you remember, I was raving about this cute orange satchel I got online in here. So much so that I'm gonna be using it as much as I can (like a kid with a brand new toy on Christmas morning, heehee)! And like I said, I was in a girly mood, which in turn led to my decision of grabbing my orange and blue floral skirt from the closet that just screams GIRLY.  

Jellybean floral skirt  |  Glam-Rock Manila satchel

Parisian Jr. wedges  |  Espirit neon green socks (inner)  |  Forever 21 mint striped socks (outer)

And what goes well with orange? Green of course! Say hello to these minty babies! I can still feel a little bit of Summer, especially since it was sunny today, thank God. Sun = good vibes, good mood, good lighting for pictures (harhar!)

 SM Accessories earrings

My skirt looks so bright and happy, so I chose to stick with that mood! I thought of pairing these neon earrings I borrowed from my mom with that, since I was already wearing green socks anyways. But just so I wouldn't end up catching too much attention with what I wear because of its unusual brightness, I toned it down with neutral colors. A white shirt and nude wedges are really good, well, neutralizers if I do say so myself. Haha! They help give off that clean, fresh look you'd definitely wanna have. 

Yhansy stacked bangles and rings  |  SM Accessories necklace (worn as bracelet) 

A girl's got to have her accessories too! And I wore lots of them, haha! See that green/gold beaded wrap-around? It's really a chain necklace. I just thought I would be unconventional to wear something that long on your wrist. Kinda like wearing stack bangles (which I am also wearing). Just be careful if ever you're gonna do this though. You wouldn't want your necklaces to snap all of a sudden. That would be really messy, and sad >.< :(

Next Jeans t-shirt

Pardon my face. But I just couldn't help it. Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself for acting like such a fool. Haha! It makes you realize you're just human, which is one of the best things in the world to be :)

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