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7/10/2012 09:58:00 PM

This is something I'd probably wear to school if only we're allowed to wear shorts this short. Well, with my being vertically challenged, I naturally have shorter legs. So when I buy shorts, skirts or dresses, I don't worry about their lengths that much (if it exceeds 3 inches from the knee when worn, it's already considered a minor offense in my school). Oh the beauty of being petite~ <3

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If it exceeds 3 inches though, I just wear thick stockings under it since my legs would be covered, but it's still cool enough since I'm wearing shorts/skirts/dresses instead of warmer jeans. For this look though, since I wasn't on school grounds and no one can reprimand me or anything, I wore a pair of jean shorts and a sheer pink top with Aztec prints on the lining. I thought it was pretty cool when I saw it online, so with me and my undeniable love for shopping, I bought it along with the other sheer top I wore here. I love the Little Turp's collection of clothes, especially since they're really prompt in delivering their goods. And their clothes are also in good quality! If you're looking for clothes that suit our country's unpredictable climate, Little Turp is one of the shops you'd wanna visit :)

Little Turp sheer aztec printed top  |  Next Jeans shorts  |  Forever 21 thigh-high socks

With the weather being bipolar, I chose to wear my favorite pair of boots and some thigh-high socks. And of course I packed myself a cardigan in case it gets cold in the mall and the theater when we watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. (side note: if you're planning on watching it, be ready for blood and gore. It's a really awesome movie, I swear! Violent though, but totally worth it! :D)

Yhansy rings  |  Folded & Hung feather bangle  

I've always been a fan of Goody even when I was just a little girl (well, since I was a younger girl at least, haha). My mom always loved fixing my hair in many different styles. Since my school then only allowed us to use black or white hair ties and clips, I needed something that would last long and won't break easily especially after using it for many different hair styles. Goody was the best answer to that. 

It takes a long time till their hair ties and elastics stretches to their limits, so it's really good with tying your hair up in ponytails, or braids on many different occasions. Goody hair pins and hair clips are just what you need to keep your hair away form your face. The tip of each split hair pin doesn't hurt when it grazes your scalp, even when it's overused and the tip comes off! Now that's what I call "convenient".

Goody hair tie, hairpins and split pins

Mom loved styling my hair so she can keep it away from my face. She always told me "Why do you hide behind your hair so much? You have such a beautiful face that people should see. You should be proud of it!" So my hair was styled in different braids, ponytails, clips, hairpins and all that. Goody has always been the one I chose to adorn my head of hair to school. And even up to now, my hair here is full of Goody hairpins to keep that bun in place without using any other hair products! Cool huh? :)

I'm so glad that I got myself another satchel bag from Glam-Rock Manila! Their satchels are soooo adorable, and their prices won't hurt your wallet. Being a student like myself who's on a tight budget, I'm glad that there're shops online like Glam-Rock Manila who sell really adorable satchels at a very affordable price. And you only have to wait 2-3 weeks for them; how cool is that?! Their satchel collection is super cute, I'm definitely addicted to them now! Wish I could get me more of them, too! Haha!

Btw: This little elephant right here's named Ellie. I got her for my birthday gift three years ago. She's such a cutie that I just had to get a picture with her. Yes, I am such a kid, and I am not ashamed. Haha!

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  1. OOps ! In fact , my shorts are very short, but it is forbidden at school , like over the knee boots and over the knee socks ( since 1998 ! ) I don't know the reason why... France is changed in liberty of a lot of things ! my mother said to me she wore mini skirts and short shorts to college when she was 15 !

    Sephie ! I love the look here of course ! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Hey Tanya! :D Really? That's surprising to hear! My mom's more conservative with fashion, though. I don't think she wore mini skirts before, haha!


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