Red, White, and Blue

7/05/2012 03:35:00 AM

 The title should be a dead giveaway. It kinda says it all already. Still, I'm gonna ramble on even for a bit. Heehee

Little Turp sheer top  |  Harvard Jeans USA shorts

So it's the 4th of July already, and everyone knows what that means: Independence Day! At least, in the States it is. Haha! We Filipinos celebrated our Independence Day last June 12. But that doesn't mean today isn't something to be celebrated too. Here in the Philippines, we celebrate something we call the Philippine-American Friendship Day! Cool, huh? :)

Glam-Rock Manila satchel  |  Forever 21 cardigan

 little fun fact: the Philippines was originally given independence by the American's on the 4th of July, 1946. However, it wasn't till the late former president, Diosdado Macapagal, issued a presidential decree that was passed on May 12, 1962 did they make June 12, 1962 (which was based on the day the Spaniards originally gave our country its freedom) a special public holiday that we Filipinos started celebrating our country's freedom like we do nowadays. Two years after they passed the decree, they made the change official.
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The American flag and the Philippine flag follow pretty much the same color palette. And in honor of today's occasion, I decided to base my clothes on them too! It was another day of temperamental weather so I opted to wear my new sleeveless sheer top and white shorts for a breezy feel during the warmer parts of the day. I did bring my red sweater just in case it got chilly (like in class, or when it rained). And of course, my trusty Keds which never fail to bring confort to my feet, especially since I went out of our building for lunch earlier :)

SM Accessories chord belt

As for accessories? I chose not to wear the typical statement necklace for this particular outfit. Instead, I went for statement rings and earrings! Teehee~

Yhansy rings

 This pair of earrings kinda reminded me of freedom. There's just something about birds in flight that give of that liberal feeling, don't you think? And with earrings like these, you don't need to wear a necklace, else it'll look too overwhelming all in all. In this case, it's one or the other. Besides, I was dressing for school. I don't really wanna over-dress for that, haha!

Forever 21 swallow earrings

So there you go! I hope you had (or are still having) an awesome 4th of July. I for one had a bit of a celebration with it being the last day of my midterms ;)

Happy Independence Day / Philippine-American Friendship Day!

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