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7/06/2012 05:26:00 PM

I have to admit. I may have an addiction. But can you blame me? These colors are just so irresistible! For years I've had a growing liking to the many different colors of nail polish. With my high school instilling the virtue of simplicity, nail polish was never allowed to be worn by us student (and if I'm right, even the faculty!) So the only times we students get to be adorned with these lovely colors is usually during the breaks (sem-, summer, or Christmas), or during our school fair / talent fest. Or if we're feeling a little bit "brave", we just paint our toe nails since they get to be covered by our socks and shoes. Soooo rebellious. Haha! Shhh! No one will ever know... *cue evil laugh* teehee~

 FaceShop nail polish

Etude House silver nail polish

FaceShop top coat and nail care  |  Caronia Kwik-dry overlay (for faster dry time)

Now just because I can't wear them during high school, doesn't mean I couldn't buy them, right? That never really stopped me. I know, soooo much nail polish and I didn't get to use them as much? It sucks, but I'm actually thankful my high school instilled simplicity in us students. At least our "kakikayan" is in moderation.

Come on. You have to admit, they are really cute and pretty to look at. 

Now that I'm happily settled in college (one that embraces our artsy-ness no matter how queer it is, and allows us to be a little more liberal with our self-expression -- as long as it isn't vulgar or disrespectful, of course), nail polish is a normal thing. You can see girls (and even guys, heehee) wear them around! 

The awesome thing about these babies? They can either be a loud, or subtle form of accessory to your outfit. Since you use your hands a lot when you go through your day (you write with it, hold stuff with it, wave it around when you kwento, etc.), having color to your nails can bring an instant lift to what you wear. It's like having a drop of color on something black and white.

Just don't go too overboard though. Using nail polish often can ruin your gorgeous natural nails. Especially if you use harsh nail polish remover to take them off. So make sure you moisturize your nails (they say soaking it in milk, and rubbing garlic juices does wonders for nail strengthening; just wash it off afterwards of course!), and take breaks in between your next polishing date. 

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