My Basic Interests

7/26/2012 10:29:00 PM

This is basically everything I love in one photo.

  1. Books - They're my escape from all the boredom real life can give me at times if Sleep isn't available, or there's nothing good on TV, or the internet's at a standstill. Although I'm more of a fan of the Young Adults section when it comes to categorizing my interests with books. Books like Pretty Little Liars, 13 Reasons Why, Secrets to My Hollywood Life, and many other series are my go-to reads.
  2. Superheroes - Though I'm not really an avid comic book reader like Sheldon, Lenard, Haward and Raj are in The Big Bang Theory, I am aware of most of the who's who in the Superhero world. Plus playing video games help pique my curiosity too. Anyone for some Tekken, Soul Calibur, or Marvel vs Capcom? :D
  3. Stuffed Toys - I've been collecting them ever since I was born. Literally. My parents have spoiled me into loving these soft, cuddly babies. Remember Ellie when I talked about her (and made her cameo) here? Well, my chubby buddy over here's named JHJ (pronounced as "Judge", or "Jahj"), short for Justin Harry Jr. I got him for my 19th birthday and now he says he wants to make an appearance as well. As to how he got his name.. Well, I'll talk about that next time. :)
  4. Flowers - contrary to popular belief that girls nowadays don't wanna receive flowers anymore because they'll wilt or whatever, I believe otherwise. Receiving flowers, for me, is like a small gesture that reminds you that you're loved. So what if flowers wilt? They're pretty and smell good! I got that white rose from my boyfriend last Monday. And I love the fact that it's still white till now! Seriously, if it wilts, it'll make some nice potpourri. 
  5. Shoes - My love for footwear is something my wallet cries over. Haha! Seriously though, shoes are something my mom and I always look at on a person. They may be worn close to the ground where people usually don't look at, but they can make a BIG statement about a person. And these wedges are my favorite. But I'll talk about them next time as well :)
  6. Accessories - Even the smallest ones make a huge impact on how you'll look like. So be careful with deciding which to wear. They may be cute and pretty to look at, but just like people, they can't coexist with EVERYTHING. You've heard me talk about my love for these little ones a lot, so I guess I should leave it at that.

What do you think? Any interests we have in common? :)

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