Little White Shadows Sparkle and Glisten

7/20/2012 03:13:00 PM

Betty for SM GTW top (old)  |  Pazzo for SM Department Store shorts

Just something that I wore when I celebrated my monthsary with my boyfriend recently. I thought of going for a cute classy look this time to make things a bit different. 

SM Department Store Sheer top (worn as a vest)

Now, I know very well that I'm not tall enough to be a model, with my petite built. So I decided to cheat (I'm pretty sure cheating is bad, except when it comes to dressing up, haha!) To make my legs look longer, and to create an illusion that I'm taller than I really am, I paired up my royal blue top with a pair of shorts that have the same color. Going mono-tone here with the royal blue (or Smurf blue as to how I call it) makes it look like you have a longer torso.

Hype this look on Lookbook here

Shorts this high is a no-no in my school. So if I do wear something like this to school, I make sure I cover up with thick black tights that can give off a slimming figure to my legs. 

As for my top.. If I were to wear it just as is, my shoulders will look too bare. By wearing my cream sheer top that I also wore here, it lessens the "too much skin" problem, but also goes well with the cream colored flowers on my top. Also, sheer is a softer, thinner kind of material. So even if it's hot, you won't feel uncomfortable while wearing it as opposed to wearing something of cotton. Decency and practicality is key! :)

Goody split pins

Shopwise aztec earring (old)

Who says aztec prints can only be seen on clothing? Accessories can have them too! Like this pair of dangling earrings that I'm wearing that my mom got from Shopwise a few years back, aztec wasn't in season then, but I guess mom thought it was cute with all the different colors in one accessory, that's why she bought it. Sometimes, you can invest on things even if they're not this season's trend. Who knows? They might be the next "In" thing next season.

Yhansy stack bangles and bouquet ring  |  From Taft feather ring

One of my go-to accessories when I can't think of anything else to wear for the day. White and Gold go so well together, and they give off that clean classy look to your outfit.

Here's a tip: If you're going for a classier tone with your accessories, go for the gold (no pun intended). But if you'd rather exude the chill, casual vibe with your look, grab those rusted-looking accessories and you're good to go.

Forever 21 socks  |  Asianvogue flats

Meet my other favorite pair of flats with my other favorite pair of socks that I wore in a different color here. Obviously I bought two of these in different colors. They're just so darn cute! If these look familiar, it might be because I already wore them here, where I wore them with a darker look. Shoes, like clothes should be repeated. I mean, c'mon. Even Barbie repeats clothes and shoes, and she also has them in different colors haha!

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