Life in Technicolor II

7/22/2012 05:13:00 PM

We're already nearing the end of July. And for us here in the Philippines, it just means more monsoon rains. Today wasn't an exception. It rained like woah during the early morning, I was even worried I wasn't gonna be able to go out and watch The Dark Knight Rises! Fortunately the rains let up even for a few hours, so I celebrated by wearing this! A total opposite of what the weather, and the main color scheme of the epic movie I just watched portrays. Uber thanks again to my boyfriend for taking my photos <3

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Can you believe that except for the socks, bag and belt, everything I'm wearing here are from online stores? It's one of my not-so-secret guilty pleasures that I love so much. Since I can't always go to the mall because of the load of schoolwork I usually still need to do, I sometimes do my shopping online. It's not so "out there" anyways, buying online. We're most likely tied to our computers as it is already. Plus sometimes it's more convenient. My friends can agree to it. Some of them check my profile page on my Facebook to check what stores are good to browse. There's no travel time lost to traffic especially if you didn't get to see anything you like when you get there. Everything online is just a click away! The only travel time you're gonna have is to the bank when you pay for the goods you ordered.

Monkee Business top  |  Red Apple Necklaces

I'm still a fan of sheer tops even though summer's already technically gone. The soft fabric feels so nice on the skin, I can't help but still have them, haha! Monkee Business' sheer tops are one of my favorites because their sheer material is really soft and smooth (like faux silk), you can't help but keep touching it! With online stores, it's still a gamble if the shops you're checking out are scams or totally legit. That's why you have to double check -- even triple check -- them out before purchasing anything. Money lost is still money lost. And I'm sure no one wants that. Most of them have albums (when on Facebook and Multiply) that show who wears their products. Some include well-known bloggers and even celebrities. So watch out for those! If they don't have those albums yet, then maybe they're still just starting out. When that happens, go for your gut! If you really feel like you can't trust them yet, DON'T.

Red Apple is one of the online stores I'm happy I trusted soon. There are a lot of people who're just beginning their business and setting up a fan base can be a big challenge with all your competitors. It'll all depend on customers trusting your business even if you're just starting out. When I saw what Red Apple had to offer, I took the plunge. I ordered three accessories on the first time. Two of them I'm wearing here. They offer really beautiful, adorable, and even classy accessories that I haven't seen in other stores, and at such affordable prices. Who wouldn't love that? After receiving my orders, I have to admit, I'm in love with this store. I'm still so glad at my decision to buy from them :)

Helga & Luna ombre shorts  |  YSL bag (old)  |  Yhansy stack bangles (2 sets)

You're heard me talk about mixing and matching when it comes to fashion a lot of times already. And these stack bracelets are not an exception to that either. I bought 3 sets of stack bracelets from Yhansy last month. Remember my white ones that I wore here and here? Some of them I wore with the orange bangles I have right here. Whodda thunk it right?

As for these shorts, I fell in love with them at first sight. I rarely see people sport yellow ombre shorts (if I've ever seen anyone sport them at all). So when I saw these cuties from Helga & Luna, I was definitely sure I had to have them. And I bought two! Ombre and studs, can you say, Awesome? Haha! I'm super thankful to Helga & Luna for the update of the availability of the other pair (which I'll be wearing soon). Now I have two pairs of adorable and chic ombre shorts. Yey!! *happy dance*

Forever 21 socks  |  TheFashion House boots

Another day of wearing thigh-high socks, which I wore in a different color here. I'm a fan of these socks ever since I was a kid! I just wish I could wear them to school though, but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon. Haha!

Meet one of my caramel-colored boots. I think I have 3 pairs? I'm an avid boots fan, to be honest. I even have more boots than I do with sneakers or any other form of footwear, if you can believe that. Hahaha! These ones are from TheFashion House that I bought 2 years ago. Till now I still love them like when I first got them. They're really comfy and they look oh so adorable, and nothing like the boots I see in malls. Totally uncommon. Hopefully, like me :)

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