I'm late, for a very important date -- or not

7/04/2012 12:45:00 AM

Of all the days my cellphone alarm refused to go off, it had to be this morning. My brain was still torn between dreamland and reality when I heard my dad walk in my room and was telling me that I should get out of bed already for school. At that point, I looked at my bedside clock, and then at my cellphone and saw that it was already 6:15am; I slept in for an hour! Crap! D: You can already imagine how much of my athletic capabilities surfaced at that moment. I raced to the bathroom, showered for 10 mins (a record, really, since I usually take half an hour in the shower) then quickly grabbed some clothes from my closet. Already seeing that it was dark and cold outside, I opted to get one of my bunny hoodies out of my closet after a long time. 

After getting ready, I brushed my teeth, grabbed my stuff and was out the door for school by 6:40am. Score! \:D/

With the very temperamental weather we have in the Philippines, you have to be ready for any sudden changes that may occur at any moment. Like today being cold and rainy, I already anticipated the many annoying puddles of water on the streets outside school. So I figured it'd be better to go for sneakers instead of ballet flats. They're sooo comfy and I can surely risk getting them wet when puddles choose to attack me while I run my errands.

Funny how my boyfriend and I were wishing that classes were suspended while we were on our way to school this morning. Can you blame us though? The weather was coaxing us to crawl back into bed and just sleep through the cool breeze. I love it! Haha! But classes still went on even with the chilly weather. For us though, we still had midterms. Well, kinda. A few hours before noon, we heard the news that classes have already been suspended, but we're only to be released at 1pm. The rain was so strong, a lot of places were already flooded by the time we were allowed to go home. Such troubles waiting in traffic when all you wanna do is sleep for the rest of the day :( 

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So after all the things I said about the weather and how my day went, I'mma talk about the things I wore today! :D 

Like I said, my decision to grab one of my bunny hoodies was because of the weather. I actually got this online some time during the "-ber" months two years ago since it was also cold then. As soon as I saw it online, I knew I wanted to have it. The bunny ears are just so adorable! How could I not buy them? They're fashionable and functional. How can you go wrong with that, right? And they were super cute that I bought two! Haha! This one's just one of them :P 

These red Keds are one of my favorite sneakers I've ever had. I love how they're so comfortable, and your feet won't be suffering from blisters even after walking in them for hours! Plus they went so well with what I was wearing today. It didn't stray from the color palette I chose, so it's all good :) Neutral colors are never gonna fail you if you pair them right. That's why I chose the white long sleeved shirt I wore inside. Can you imagine me without them? It'll look awkward, like something is missing. Dark-washed jeans are also a basic must-have. Dark pants can be paired with any colored top and shoes. They're that versatile! And since it's a lazy day, I chose not to wear any accessory for today. Keeping it simple is one way to go during days like these.

Thank God I wore these for today too. The school was still freezing cold even though our a/c wasn't on full blast! I usually just wear this with long sleeved shirts underneath (like the white one I have on) and just mid-calf boots instead of jeans and sneakers. But since it's raining today, I didn't wanna risk my boots in the rain, even if they are boots. Har har! 

It's ironic that even though we were dismissed earlier than usual due to suspension of classes, I still arrived home the same time I usually do on a regular tuesday. Traffic was that horrible. So much time wasted D: Fortunately, it was sunnier here at home than it was in school, so I was still able to take pictures even if it was still raining here. Teehee~

I kid you not. I took these while it was raining quite heavily behind me. It's just not that noticeable here, I guess. Har har! Silly lucky rabbit scores yet again! \:D/ 

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  1. Great hat and amazing little red Keds!! I am in love! ;-)

    1. Thanks Jamie! :D I wish I had more pairs of Keds though. They're so comfy! ♥

  2. I like your hoodie <3 So adorbs! ^__^

    1. Thank you so much Anon! Wish Philippines wasn't much of a tropical country so I can wear these things more often, heehee! :3


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