Cloudy with some Pop of Color

7/04/2012 01:22:00 AM

It’s back to school again after a brief respite during Independence Day yesterday. Though the weather probed for more “me and my bed bonding” time this morning with all the heavy rains and strong winds. I guess Summer is officially over now, huh? Boooooo! I miss summer already :’( But the cool weather is also greatly welcomed in my opinion. I just wish it’s both cool and sunny these next few months, but then again that’ll just be me dreaming. Harhar!

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So it’s just another Wednesday when Val was able to take a picture of me. I’m still ever so grateful for this to be honest :) Right after our 3DANIM1 class, we had a mini-date that has been sooooo long-awaited.

Jean-like button-down polo, Next Jeans | Tulle skirt, Old Navy

Strawberry earrings, Target | Tri-coloured necklace, Gold and Silver necklace, SM Accessories

Lily bouquet ring, and 4-stars ring, Yhansy | Black stud ring, Heart with Wings ring (from Taft)
Val actually tweeted me earlier in class (I know right? But we were in the middle of an exercise and it’s not like we can just stand up and casually talk to each other at the other side of the room, haha), asking why I look so dressed up today. Well, it’s Wednesday and I’m gonna see my boyfriend. What’s a good enough reason, right? That, and well, I didn’t get enough sleep the night before so I opted to release my frustration through my clothes again, heehee! Plus, the cloudy + rainy weather is too sad for me to bear, so I opted to just go with a few splashes of colour today :D Nothing too over-the-top, so I wore mostly Blues, Grays, Blacks, and Whites. Then topped it off with colourful accessories. :)

Oxford-inspired flats, Asianvogue
If I remember correctly, I posted a photo a couple of nights ago of these babies with the Camel coloured one that I wore before. I can honestly say, these little pups are everything that I want in a pair of flats. Comfort, Class, and the added bonus that it’s oh-so cute makes your little footsies stand out from the crowd! They look just like golf shoes + oxfords which I hear are totally making their way into the It list of footwear this season. If that’s true, then you guys should grab a pair soon. Besides, what’s one more pair of shoes, right? ;)

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