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7/07/2012 01:54:00 PM

I'm gonna go a little bit of math here so you're forewarned. But since this is about fashion, then I'm hoping it won't be too much of a nose-bleeed inducing moment for you guys. Haha!

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Something simple to remember like 1+1=2, is Red+Black+White=Classic. Red is one of those colors that can go well with the shades of Black and/or White. With Black = Sexy, and White = sophisticated, adding the vibrant Red just gives a little more "oomph" to both simple shades. Simple, yes? Now try mixing them together and you shouldn't go wrong.

Black studded vest, sleeveless button-down, flats, all from SM Department Store  |  Pink Soda by Soda floral skirt  |  Glam-Rock Manila satchel

I've always been a fan of SM Megamall. Mainly because I pretty much grew up there (we go there every week!) It's kinda like a mini SM Mall of Asia actually. Only this mall's situated in Ortigas, so it's nearer to where I live. Everything you need is pretty much in Megamall already! How serious am I with that statement? Well, 90% of what I'm wearing here was bought there! SM has this thing about having such an easy layout with the stores. It's so conveniently sectioned properly that shoppers won't get too tired going around! Plus, it's built like a shoe box: just a long rectangular building with like, 6 floors of stores and goods that supply every person's need. Like they say, "We've got it all for you!"

SM Accessories necklace (bottom)  |  gold necklace, bouquet ring, stars ring, all from Yhansy 

Back to what I'm wearing. It's all about striking the right balance of the colors you're wearing. Since my black vest had gold studs, I opted to base my accessories on that by wearing the same kind of gold accessories. And just to add more fun to what I wore, I added the pink floral necklace too that I based from all the red I'm already wearing.

So hopefully that helped. I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong with the simple math equation. Who knew math can make you look good right? Haha!

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