And it was all Yellow

7/19/2012 06:06:00 PM

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It's like I showered under a rainbow with this outfit, honestly. Contrary to what the title says, Yellow is the only color missing here, hahaha! Oh the irony. Unless you count the rusted gold-like necklace and my brown shoes and tasseled neckwear as a shade of yellow, then I guess I pretty much achieved the total rainbow look.

Baleno top  |  Forever 21 (old) cardigan

I love Baleno, for the simple reason that they have the basic tops at such an affordable price. Since these basic tops are (taking it from the name), well, a basic must-have-in-your-closet, it's not really wise to spend so much just to have them right? What's great about Baleno is that they have these babies OTR, and their palette is just perfect for this season's color-blocking thing. And since your wallet won't sob at their price, you can get them in every color! I know I already have :)

Mossimo for Target pants  |  Glam-Rock Manila satchel

The first time I wore these pants were right here. Some people think that just because you wear something as bright and bold as this pair once, people will remember it and you can't wear it again. I say, just alter what look you're going for. Like with these pants, I went for a total rainbow look here, while I wore it more subdued the first time. You can always edit what you're going to wear on how you want to look like even if you repeat bold colors like this one :)

Oh and I'll let you in on a secret: the red cardigan I'm wearing here was originally a sweater when I bought it. I just thought that wearing a full sweater (which you can't open and close to your liking) wasn't as practical as wearing a cardigan, especially with our country's weather. So I grabbed my pair of shears and cut-cut-cut it went! I sewed on some small decorative buttons on one side (just so it looks like a cardigan that you usually buy in stores) and voila! Instant cardigan for everyday wear! \:D/ Now it looks better than when I can only wear it once every blue moon on those chilly "-ber" months.

Yhansy necklaces  |  Goody Ouchless hairtie and hairpins 

As you can see, I didn't choose to wear too much accessories for this one, what with all the different colors I'm already wearing. But if I didn't wear any accessories at all, I'll look like a walking M&M! So I opted to just wear these necklaces that I woe on top of each other for more coverage. Sometimes, with tops that have a lower neckline, it's not really appropriate to go to school with your cleavage blinding everyone. So why not cheat? Cover up with some statement necklaces that can conceal all inappropriate parts of your chest while making you look on trend at the same time. 

Asianvogue flats

You've already seen these here, I'm sure. They're pretty much my favorite pair since brown can go well with almost everything if you pair them right. It's all about mixing and matching. That way your wallet won't cry a river with you when you go broke from shopping excessively. :)

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